What Does CPL Training Consist Of?

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CPL Training Rockford, MI

Our CPL training course fulfills the classroom requirements for the Michigan Concealed Carry Pistol License.

To qualify for this class, you must be experienced in pistol safety and firing. CPL is the next step for people who want to be able to carry their firearm for self defense.

What will I learn about defensive shooting?

Our CPL instructor will go over how to make the decision to use or not use your concealed weapon in a bad situation. This class is meant to prepare you for worst-case scenarios in which you would need to use your concealed pistol. The emphasis of the class is on self-defense, which means you will learn a lot about how to avoid being a victim and controlling confrontations.

As a gun owner, it’s important that you feel comfortable carrying and using a concealed handgun. This course will help you learn how to make decisions under pressure so you’ll be prepared for the responsibility of carrying a concealed firearm.

What will I learn about firearms and the law?

You will learn of the latest changes to Michigan gun law from an attorney or someone trained in the use of deadly force. When carrying a legal concealed handgun, you put yourself at risk for civil liability issues. It’s important that you fully understand the consequences of carrying a concealed firearm before getting your CPL.

How much instruction will I get at a shooting range?

You can expect three hours of instruction on a gun shooting range. You will shoot at least 30 rounds of ammunition throughout the course.

The CPL training instructors at Protection Tactics work hard to help gun owners learn proper gun safety. If you are interested in enrolling in our CPL training course, feel free to give us a call at (616) 884-5070.