What Do I Need For CPL Class?

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What Do I Need For CPL Class Rockford, MI

During your concealed carry training course, you will learn the fundamentals of defensive shooting, such as legal issues and how to make decisions under pressure.

The key to your success will be making sure you’re properly prepared for each class so you’ll come ready to learn. What you’ll need for class:

  • Writing utensil and paper to take notes
  • Ear protection
  • Safety glasses
  • Handgun you plan on carrying for self- defense
  • Extra magazines for semi-autos or speed loaders for revolvers
  • Foul weather gear

What kind of handgun is best for self-defense?

There are many different types of handguns you could use for self-defense. Honestly, the best handgun is the one that fits comfortably in your hand and fires well. We recommend trying out different types of guns at our gun shooting range before making your final decision. That way, you’ll have a good idea of how to handle a concealed handgun.

Do you have ear and eye protection available?

Ear and eye protection is mandatory while on the shooting range. For your convenience, we offer ear muff style protection as well as gently-used safety glasses. Be warned that our safety glasses are a bit scratched. If this would bother you, you may want to invest in your own eye protection during the CPL course.

Why do I need foul weather gear?

The shooting range for our CPL classes is outside, which means you’ll need to check the weather forecast before heading out the door. The only thing that will stop our classes is lightning. This means that if it’s pouring rain, you’ll be expected to put on a rain jacket and be ready to shoot.

In addition to foul weather gear, it may also be a good idea to take sunscreen or bug spray with you as we will be spending a lot of time outside.

The CPL instructors at Protection Tactics strive to help gun owners learn how to safely use concealed firearms. To learn more about our CPL course, please feel free to give our NRA instructors a call at (616) 884-5070.