Handgun Rental Rockford, MI

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Handgun Rental Rockford, MI

Cost: $25

Our handgun rental service is a great way to become familiar with other types of firearms.

Whether you want to practice your shooting skills by yourself or with a group of friends, you can count on being able to rent handguns at our gun shooting range. Renting a handgun gives you a nice change of pace from the guns you normally use.

If you are looking to buy a new gun, our rental service allows you to try out different types of firearms. Likewise, you may decide to buy a specific type of handgun based on your positive experience with one of our rentals. For safety reasons, you won’t be able to use outside ammo with our handgun rentals.

Be sure to take one of our gun safety classes before visiting the shooting range for the first time. That way, you’ll know how to safely handle our rental firearms. Our handgun rental service is convenient for those who want to practice shooting but left their firearm at home.

Protection Tactics is a firearms range dedicated to offering courses for both novices and experts. For more information on our gun rental service, feel free to give our NRA instructors a call at (616) 884-5070.