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Gun Sales Rockford, MI

Are you interested in exercising your right to bear arms under the second amendment?

Nothing protects you and your family better than knowing how to safely use a firearm. The benefit of buying a gun from us is that we also offer training courses to help you get used to your new weapon.

Our guns for sale are high-quality and safe to fire. When you visit our gun store, you’ll need to provide all necessary information under Michigan and federal law before being able to make a purchase. We are a shooting range that sells guns, which means you are able to try it before you buy it. Make sure you are able to handle the gun and shoot properly.

We offer hunting rifles so you can feel confident trekking out into the wilderness with just your camping gear and rifle. Guns offer you a level of security and independence you can’t get with other weapons. We are a rifle seller that also understands the importance of family traditions during deer hunting season.

Protection Tactics is a licensed Rockford gun dealer dedicated to helping customers find the right firearm. If you are interested in purchasing a firearm from us, feel free to give our NRA certified firearms instructors a call at (616) 884-5070.