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Firearms Training Rockford, MI

Our firearms training instructors teach courses for a range of skill sets. In addition to our concealed carry training and CPL handgun renewal courses, we also offer classes for first-time gun owners looking to learn the ropes.

Both the FIRST Steps Pistol and Basic Pistol courses are even appropriate for children as long as they are mature and properly supervised.

The NRA instructors at Protection Tactics offer the following firearms training courses:

FIRST Steps Pistol Course

Cost: $110

FIRST stands for Firearm Instruction, Responsibility, and Safety Training. The NRA developed this course to help new gun owners learn the basics of their new weapon. As a result, there are no prerequisites to taking this course. During this course, you will learn how to safely use, clean, and store your new pistol. The FIRST Steps Pistol course can be completed in as quickly as three hours, depending on the number of participants. You will receive a course certificate at the end as proof of your training.

The FIRST Steps Pistol course teaches:

  • Pistol safety, parts, and operation
  • Ammunition and the fundamentals of pistol shooting
  • Pistol shooting isosceles position
  • Pistol cleaning and storage
  • Opportunities for further training

Basic Pistol Course

Cost: $150

The Basic Pistol course is essentially a firearms training class for beginners. However, more experienced shooters are also welcome. The course can take as little as 8 to 10 hours to complete. There are no prerequisites for this course.

During the class, you will have opportunities to practice firing your weapon under the supervision of a NRA firearms instructor. After successfully completing the lessons, you’ll be presented with a course certificate as proof of your skills.

The Basic Pistol course teaches:

  • Safe gun handling
  • Information on different types of pistols
  • Information on ammunition
  • Pistol shooting fundamentals
  • Gun cleaning and storage
  • Two-handed and one-handed standing shooting positions
  • Pistol sports and activities

Protection Tactics is proud to offer firearms training courses to help gun owners learn proper safety. For more information on our firearms training classes, feel free to give our NRA instructors a call at (616) 884-5070.

The NRA certified instructors at Protection Tactics are dedicated to helping firearm owners learn proper gun safety. If you would like to learn more about our concealed carry training classes, please feel free to call us at (616) 884-5070.