CPL Handgun Renewal Rockford, MI

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CPL Handgun Renewal Rockford, MI

Cost: $50

While it isn’t required for Michigan gun owners to take classes to renew the Concealed Pistol License, it’s still a great way of getting up-to-date information on recent changes to gun law. Part of being a responsible gun owner means educating yourself on changes that affect you.

The Concealed Pistol License training class typically takes three hours, making it easier to fit into your schedule than some of our other classes. Once you have completed the course, you will have gained knowledge on basic defensive handgun skills as well as recent changes to gun law that affect you.

The class covers the following topics:

  • Basic defensive handgun skills
  • Firearm possession and ownership
  • Using deadly force
  • Strategies for keeping home safe
  • How to respond to violent confrontations
  • Recent changes to Michigan gun law

The CPL training class is helpful to gun owners because it helps them remember information that they may have forget from the concealed carry training class they took awhile ago.

The CPL renewal instructors at Protection Tactics are dedicated to bringing gun owners up to date on changes to Michigan concealed carry laws. To learn how you can enroll in our CPL handgun renewal class, please feel free to give us a call at (616) 884-5070.